Studio Goals

December 9, 2009

Students who commit to working with the teacher will:

  • Have the joy of using music as a gift to serve God and to share with people in homes and in public venues.
  • Have the ability to discover and understand the theoretical structure of a piece.
  • Have the ability to independently work out a piece from unknown to mastered. Regularly play piano for fun, self-expression, and as an emotional outlet.
  • Have a general knowledge of Western art music history and its greatest composers.tuning fork
  • Enjoy listening to classical music more as a result of increased knowledge of theory and history.
  • Realize the positive influence that piano study has on life, such as:
  1. the friendships and community ties established as a result of their active musicianship;
  2. increased confidence, poise, and perseverance;
  3. enhanced life skills, such as how to divide a project into sequential tasks and how it feels to reach fulfillment of challenging goals; and
  4. character development in the skills of delayed gratification and self-discipline.
  • Remember piano lessons as a positive experience.
  • Regard himself or herself as a “pianist”.